What’s with all that jumping…


Lots of people asked why we have taken so many jumping pictures, and indeed there are quite a few. The obvious answer would be that it is fun (except of you’re landing wrong than it’s kinda loosing it’s amazement for a bit). But there could also be a philosophical approach to the whole thing. And on the roads its even more likely that you can get lost in your thought as well as on the road…

“Leaping of joy” after passing an exam, feeling “lighter than a feather” if all pressure you’re under vanishes or “floating on cloud 9” because you are overwhelmed by the emotions you feel when your secret crush is finally telling you his or her feeling towards you.

Lots of quotes packed with positive emotions like these are used in songs, poems, movies and suchlike. Not only the shine of overwhelming positive emotions passing through the combination of those words makes them part of the same category. All of these sentences show that the sensation of feeling high, standing or floating on top of everything else and the feeling joy are going hand in hand.

Or to say it in an other way. If you’re happy, in a good mood or extremely motivated, it’s common to say “I jumped out of bed…”, while when you’re angry, tired or worse you just roll or peel yourself out of the place you usually find rest and peace.

As we see height is often connoted with a positive feeling, while the ground or even beyond it the expressions tend to point in the opposite direction. Like if you are ashamed of something and just want to “sink into the ground” to flee from the embarrassment you’re expecting, or the feeling of wearing a backpack filled with stones which is dragging you to the ground when you’re dealing with lots of grief and pain. And of course not to forget the saying “I bear lots of emotional baggage.” which basically explains itself.

It is clear to se that positive afflicted emotions lift you – at least in a philosophical sense – up, while negative ones drag you down. (Here again two common saying “lift me up” and “drag me down”)

So jumping is not only a very funny way to pose on a picture and an incredible good way to multitask; making sport, taking a picture and showing the world your know how to press the trigger of your camera at the right time. It also is a great way to express having a good time and lift yourself up from everything that might cause negative emotions.

And indeed being above yourself and feeling like a bird even if it is just for a fragment of  second kinda makes you feel good about yourself. And the positive side-effect is that you can express yourself in a freer way than on the ground as you have space around you.

In the end you also can say that the slight moment of total freedom you experience while you’re in the air fits traveling quite well.

Starting a journey is the point you jump and the way to the finish-line is the time you’re in the air. Bond to nothing than yourself, free to move and enjoying every second of your life and freedom. When you touch the ground after that, you’re back to reality, the journey ended and life goes on. There is nothing you’ve lost only a positive feeling you’ve won.


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