And when are you getting married…?


What are 3 grown man doing alone in the desert, would some people ask.
The answer is quite an easy one, they are just trying to improve their acting skills while on the road. 

This way we not just want to show you a funny sketch we filmed on the road. We take a humorous view on certain serious situations which we saw during our journey. It’s sad how girls are married without their consent in villages all over the world.

Out of our experience we know that serious problems and topics can be best addressed with humour. Not because we agree with it or we want to make fun of it. The total opposite is the case, we want to raise awareness on the seriousness by showing it in a way people actually watch and this is, was and will be trough comedy…
A thought provoking story of a father trying to wed his daughter ‘Champa’ with the nice village guy ‘Romi’!



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