New car, new adventure…

As every good story this one starts with a girl – or better – with a mature woman. If you have seen one of our previous videos or read some of our stories you already figured out of what I’m talking about… Our car!
This time we didn’t rent our brave and supportive vehicle, this time we took it a bit further and went bananas on that thing, we basically bought a car.

Now you might ask where the adventure in buying a car for a trip is… So let me introduce you to URSULA, a 1995 built treasure who was first allowed to smoothly curve around the streets in 1997. She already had 3 long lasting relationships, only minimal plastic surgery and she still looks almost like new. But we didn’t picked her just because of her look (that would be very rude), we picked her because she has personality. And let’s be honest, who’s perfect :). If we would have to compare her to Jenny #1, Jenny #2 (aka Fat Jenny – behause she was a huge car) or Natalia, we probabely would say that she is their mother. So in other words we went back to basics.

We even bought here some nice jewellery as brides gift. Two nice earrings. One that connects to Bluetooth in exchange for her not functioning Radio and one nice green apple perfume-tree, because we know ladies love to smell nice. 

Now after miles of running and hours of bureaucracy we finally managed to get all the necessary papers done, as well as the licence plates to make the car hit the road again. 

As the car is set, you might ask what about the route. The route was planed over several months and if we now look at the first draft of the way we planed and our now fixed route, there is just one thing to say … It looks completely different but Hey, it’s supposed to be an adventure, isn’t it?

Here the cities:

  1. Vienna
  2. Maribor
  3. Zagreb
  4. Budapest
  5. Krakow
  6. Warsaw
  7. Vilnius
  8. Riga
  9. Tallinn
  10. Helsinki
  11. St. Petersburg
  12. Moscow
  13. Yekaterinburg
  14. Irkutsk

Now we have a car and a route but still one ingredient is missing… The explorers!

Sadly we need to announce that Tarun aka. Iceman won’t join us this time as he plans on finishing his studies during the next weeks, you know science and stuff 😉 – so wish him all the best!

So before I lose myself in useless sentimentality we need to pack all our stuff and prepare for tomorrow. The day the adventure starts!


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