Lifelong learning is not only one of the slogans of my field of study, it also became a guideline of life to me. Professional i work as a social worker with teenagers and young adults, which is the same amount of challenging as it is interesting.

During my free time (and work of course) I’m an epicure of knowledge i love to learn/teach and experience new things, meet new people and brighten my horizon in any way possible.

At the End of 2014 i decided that it could be fun to see what’s behind the stories in all the books i’ve read. I thought it’s good to know about something and some place but to actually be there and explore the culture makes it even more real and exciting.

So I started exploring not only the capitals of Europe i haven’t seen, my journey brought me from here to there, from religion to religion, from culture to culture. I experienced the sunset in Tel Aviv, got lost in the streets of Jerusalem, celebrated in Istanbul, held ramadan in Dubai and climbed the roads in India. And my journey just started…

Thomas Huxley was quite right as he said: “Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”


3 explorers looking for no man's land! Our Passion is to drive across the world in a broken car ;)

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