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And when are you getting married…?


What are 3 grown man doing alone in the desert, would some people ask.
The answer is quite an easy one, they are just trying to improve their acting skills while on the road.  Continue reading And when are you getting married…?


Entering Kashmir!


Well Kashmir as you know it’s always been a hot topic for us since we were kids growing up…we read about its beautiful lakes, majestic mountains and sadly also about its unsteady political situation. Right at the beginning I want to state that this blog is about my own personal experience of visiting the Kashmir valley. To be honest, I have always felt sympathetic about the problems faced by Kashmiri people aired through the media, living in Delhi I really could not totally understand why the conditions were always tense and only negative… My parents had always told me stories about a peaceful era but the present painted an opposite picture.

Continue reading Entering Kashmir!

“Time”-Traveling ?

DPPm0_0001Traveling, as we all know, is a quite awesome way to spend time. You start at one point and end at an other one. But the amazing part isn’t crossing the finish line, it’s the journey itself. The time you spend on the road, the things you see, you experience, the people you meet, and way more. So you could say that the time you spend on your way from point A to point B is all that matters. If we look at that a bit closer, we can see that time is the important factor here. Continue reading “Time”-Traveling ?

What’s with all that jumping…


Lots of people asked why we have taken so many jumping pictures, and indeed there are quite a few. The obvious answer would be that it is fun (except of you’re landing wrong than it’s kinda loosing it’s amazement for a bit). But there could also be a philosophical approach to the whole thing. And on the roads its even more likely that you can get lost in your thought as well as on the road… Continue reading What’s with all that jumping…

Driving into the storm!


To be honest this picture sums up our journey through the Himalaya, India one of most populated country in the world has vast swathes of land which is totally uninhabited and beset by roads on knife edge with sharp curves. The meaning of all this…is that you are all alone and amongst one of the most beautiful but harsh environment in the world. Continue reading Driving into the storm!

Two sides of India


“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.” C.G.Jung

“How was India?” was the first question people asked me when I came back home last summer. Not that I haven’t been to other countries as well on that trip, but it is the most different one from Austria or even from Europe itself. It’s not that easy to sort out all the different impressions you make of and in India. Neither is it easy to find the most intense one. Was it the food, the people, the landscape or the culture? The answer is very unsatisfying, it would be nothing and everything!  Continue reading Two sides of India