I am a researcher by profession but an explorer at heart! In the last five years, partly thanks to my research, I have been to places from Antarctica to Alaska and anything in between!

In my day job, I am trying to unearth the secrets beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet. In my free time, I plan road trips across countries and continents places that are really hard to get to by foot let alone by a machine! I like to think that I am a driving genius…Although my mates might disagree. My car never goes faster than 60 kph…and frankly I really don’t know why…and yet I have collected speedings tickets in four continents…

Few candid admissions…I am a pretty bad movie director with zero acting talent but still dream of making it big in Bollywood sometime!  Currently gearing up for 15000km journey east through the ancient silk route to Mongolia!

André Gide said this and feels perfect for me “one doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time”



3 explorers looking for no man's land! Our Passion is to drive across the world in a broken car ;)

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